Introducing Smart Hotel System RMS-107

RMS or GRMS, namely Guestroom Management System, is the smart control system used by modern hotels to control guestroom in-room devices and provide ups to date services to guests.

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Surging Demand for Wireless Connectivity

According to a Amenities Survey in 2013, Wi-Fi is the most important amenity for hotel-goers. 34% of leisure travelers said free Wi-Fi was the number one factor in choosing a hotel while 56% of business travelers said free Wi-Fi was their number one must-have amenity. Hotel guests use Face Time or Skype to have live video chat with friends, families or clients. They also watch HD video streaming and share photos on social media with Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. All of these applications consume a large amount of bandwidth. Therefore, it is no doubt that in addition to providing Wi-Fi, the performance of Wi-Fi services is becoming standard in the hospitality industry.

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